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Key reading


What brands in other categories can learn from charity marketing

This Best Practice paper argues that charities can teach other brands about using smaller budgets more efficiently. Charities have also taken their social competency into the digital space, where they have provided many significant successes in social media marketing.
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Why social policy needs more than the behavioural economics bandwagon

Why governments wishing to change people's behaviour should concentrate on System 1 thinking.

Neuroscience helps a charity improve its TV ads

How neuroscience research tools boosted effectiveness for The Shelter Pets Project.

Making happen

TNS research showing how governments can make better use of online platforms to provide services.

The problem with political brands

Why branding political parties can be difficult, as parties depend on identity rather than consumption.

Latest case studies

SmartLife: Project Akshar (Alphabets) - How we transformed lives of labour into lives of learning

This case study describes how SmartLife, a leading NGO for Dubai's blue-collared labourers, launched free English classes by using visual learning techniques.

National Institute of Blood Transfusion and Untold Music Festival: Pay With Blood

This case study describes a campaign by the National Institute of Blood Transfusion in Romania which successfully increased blood donations among young people and first-time donors by partnering with a music festival.

Scope: End the Awkward

This case study shows how Scope, a disability charity in the UK, increased awareness using a video content led campaign.

Age UK and John Lewis: The story of how the perfect partnership helped Age UK combat loneliness at Christmas

This case study describes a partnership between Age UK, a charity, and retailer John Lewis to highlight the social problem of older people being lonely at Christmas.

Latest articles

A Tale For King And Country: How customers' stories changed the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and even reached the Dutch King

This paper describes some of the creative research methods used in a project for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (the tax authority), which wanted its employees to understand taxpayers and encourage more of them to submit their tax declaration themselves.

How Teach For America used digital data to increase sign-ups

This event report details how Teach For America, the educational non-profit, has leveraged digital data to increase sign-up rates.

The River, The Mud, The Sieve, The Gold: How we help charities to connect with their contributors

This paper examines how two Dutch charities, Kinderfonds MAMAS and the Nierstichting, utilised 'Telling', a narrative tool, to help them openly and emotionally connect to people through listening, in order to raise more funds.

How user-centred design helped Marie Curie address emotional needs

This event report details how Marie Curie, a terminal illness charity in the UK, reassessed its approach to digital to advertise the features of its hospices.

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