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Key reading

House of branding

Fundamentals, innovation and collaboration: Nestlé's three pillars of digital success

How the food manufacturer is seeking to become a leading brand in the digital and social media space. Steps taken include embracing brand building fundamentals, focusing on innovation, partnerships and collaboration. The paper also discusses Nestlé's "brand-building house".
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How Mars used marketing science to grow its brands

Using Ehrenberg's marketing laws, Mars has discovered how both creativity and science can work together.

We are what we eat

Results of a global Nielsen analysis focusing on global body image and healthy eating trends.

TV ads and McDonald's sales

How the restaurant giant used fast food data to link advertising quality and sales growth.

Food company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Cadbury: Rate the 8

This case study details food manufacturer Mondelez's brand building campaign in Ireland, which sought to rescue the diminishing sector of 'impulse chocolate' and boost the Cadbury chocolate brand.

50 years of Fiesta Ferrero

This case study shows how Ferrero snacks created an integrated campaign in Italy to penetrate a younger market with its ailing Fiesta brand.

Galaxy Chocolate: The Galaxy style exchange

This case demonstrates how Galaxy, the chocolate brand, grew attention among young women in Ireland.

Uncle Ben's: Ben's Beginners

This case study explores how Uncle Ben's, the food brand, crafted the Ben's Beginners campaign in the UK with the specific aim of making parents more likely to cook with their children.

Latest articles

How EMEA food brands are identifying new usage occasions

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This report describes how EMEA food brands have found success with advertising campaigns which persuade consumers to increase product consumption occasions.

Considerations for adopting technology

This article highlights six factors to take into account when considering using technology in marketing campaigns.

Reinventing convenience store food: Growing 7-Eleven's foodservice profit, sales and image using multi-stage shopper-focussed research

This paper demonstrates how 7-Eleven, the convenience store chain, used shopper research to grow consideration in the foodservice category in Australia and deliver increased profit.

Hershey taps into emotion with "mind modelling"

This event report demonstrates how Hershey, the candy manufacturer, has tapped into emotional consumer insights using techniques such as mind modelling.

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