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Key reading

House of branding

Fundamentals, innovation and collaboration: Nestlé's three pillars of digital success

How the food manufacturer is seeking to become a leading brand in the digital and social media space. Steps taken include embracing brand building fundamentals, focusing on innovation, partnerships and collaboration. The paper also discusses Nestlé's "brand-building house".
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How Mars used marketing science to grow its brands

Using Ehrenberg's marketing laws, Mars has discovered how both creativity and science can work together.

We are what we eat

Results of a global Nielsen analysis focusing on global body image and healthy eating trends.

TV ads and McDonald's sales

How the restaurant giant used fast food data to link advertising quality and sales growth.

Food company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

SPC: #MyFamilyCan

This case study describes how the Australian tinned fruit brand SPC leveraged labelling to fight a Hepatitis outbreak due to contaminated imports, under the #MyFamilyCan title.

Crosse and Blackwell: Enjoy the taste of success

This case study details how Crosse & Blackwell, the British tinned soup brand, increased sales in a period of market decline by redesigning the brand to 'own Britishness'.

Monty Bojangles redesign

This case study describes how Monty Bojangles (MB) transformed their chocolate truffles by creating a distinctive brand narrative and replacing conventional brand values with an engaging philosophy.

Nestle Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

This case study describes how Nestlé's Lean Cuisine used a moving social campaign to connect with American women emotionally and reverse years of sales declines.

Latest articles

How EMEA food brands are leveraging consumer insights to engage Mums and families

This report describes how food brands have leveraged consumer insights to effectively engage with Mums and families in EMEA.

Global luxury goods trends report

This report discusses the future of the global luxury goods industry, including changes in key markets, the impact of luxury wearables and how brands are looking for more meaningful 'luxury experiences'.

Warc 100: The world's best food campaigns and companies 2016

This short report summarises the results for the food category from the 2016 Warc 100, which ranks the world's best advertising campaigns based on performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.

KIND balances products with purpose

This event report reveals how KIND, the snack manufacturer, has balanced its focus on delivering great products with an underlying purpose of encouraging acts of generosity and altruism among consumers.

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