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Key reading

Jar economics

Financial services and behavioural economics: 21st century jam jar banking

How behavioural economics is helping financial services brands rebuild the trust they lost in the global financial crisis. Steps that brands are taking include current accounts that don't provide overdrafts and online forecasting with automatic feedback to customers about their finances.
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How to market financial services

A guide for financial services brands to tackle fintech rivals, stay relevant and tackle cynicism.

Mythbuster: Are financial brand purchases more rational?

Les Binet and Sarah Carter discuss rational prompts in 'low interest' categories such as financial services.

The changing financial services customer

Event report from UBS showing how financial needs change as we move into different lifestages.

Financial Services company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Nutmeg: Investment troubles? Just nutmeg it.

This case study details how Nutmeg, an online investment management company, increased customer numbers in the UK through an animated TV spot.

Virgin Money: 26.2% off or a 2.62% mortgage for running 26.2 miles

This case study describes how Virgin Money, the loans company, strengthened its sponsorship of the London Marathon in the UK in order to turn runners into Virgin Money customers.

Aviva UK: We're not going to sell car insurance anymore - we're going to make British roads safer

This case study details how Aviva, a British insurance company, drove greater salience of its car insurance by creating emotional connections with its consumers in the UK market.

TD Canada Trust: #TDThanksYou

This case study describes how TD Bank, an American bank operating in Canada, selected customers at four locations around the country and gave them gifts through ATMs to show gratitude and filmed their reactions for a YouTube video.

Latest articles

Lloyds Banking Group: Using innovative social media analytics techniques to understand the International Trade arena through the eyes of UK SMEs

This article details how Lloyds Banking Group, the UK bank, employed natural language processing to and social listening to assess usage and attitude in the B2B finance market, targeting small businesses.

Are financial services companies missing out by ignoring the needs of female consumers to 'play it safe'?

This article questions if financial services companies aren't capitalising on the increasing number of women who are the largest earners in their families.

NFU Mutual: Succession planning - Ensuring the sustainability of the farming community

This study from NFU Mutual, a rurally-focused insurance company, details how the company tailored communications to farmers in order to give more farmers a succession plan to keep their holdings alive.

Internet Banking Design: Building an intuitive internet banking system based on customers' needs

This paper examines how ING Bank in Poland built an internet banking system based on customers' needs, through a 'User Centered Design' methodology.

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