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Key reading

Vivienne Westwood

The F word: Eight key principles that every brand can learn from the fashion industry

Mary Portas on what non-fashion brands can learn from the industry, from following visionary leaders to bringing a product to life with experiential activity. Other lessons include how to design a strategy that can achieve viral success, and how to rely on gut instinct rather than consumer testing.

Five branding strategy tips from Levi's

Five tips from the denim giant on how to build apparel brands at a time of digital disruption.
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The power of images in boosting brand value

How Diesel, the Italian designer label, developed it's best-in-class Pinterest page.

Google learns lessons from broken Glass

The successes and failures of Google Glass, the pioneering wearable tech product.

Latest case studies

Deichmann: Because we love shoes

This case demonstrates how Delchmann, Europe's biggest shoe retailer from Germany, added a new emotional dimension to its predominantly rational brand, establishing it as a vendor of fashionable shoes.

adidas: Luis Suarez - Brand Strategist

This case study details how adidas, a sportswear company, used social media and a controversial stance to promote its range of football boots.

Making Jigsaw the leader of the opposition

This case study describes how Jigsaw, a UK clothing retailer, returned to sales growth by targeting younger shoppers with a new message.

Reinforcing Adidas Originals as the pioneering sportswear brand for the street in Greater China and deliver record business return

This case study shows how adidas Originals, a Chinese sportswear brand, went used a campaign that went against cultural norms and increased sales and brand perception.

Latest articles

Too much genius not enough wisdom: It's all becoming qualitative nowadays

This paper explains how qualitative research has become a methodological asset that allows a better understanding of customer engagement, how it is evolving and how it can be applied to increase growth.

Adstats: Clothing and accessories adspend

This article details global adspend in clothing and accessories, which declined by 0.3% to reach $2.4bn in Q1 2015.

Culture Vulture, Luxury Edition 05

This report explores the global luxury market, describes ten cultural dynamics driving change in the market, and applies those trends to several luxury categories.

Carhartt builds its brand with makers and doers

This event report shows how Carhartt, the apparel brand, boosted its standing with members of the "maker movement" while maintaining its traditionally high standing with people working in physically demanding jobs.

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