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Key reading

Build loyalty

Build brands and build loyalty

Giles Hedger argues that, instead of addressing 'brand loyalty' as a separate marketing objective, loyalty should be considered the natural consequence of good brand building. The paper also discusses the two types of loyalty – that based on unalterable facts, and that based on personal choice.
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How to build long-term brand loyalty

Building long-term loyalty in a world that has often relied on short-term rewards.

Why loyalty is not the Holy Grail

Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on what marketers are getting wrong about loyalty.

Customer relationship management

Ten CRM issues that need to be tackled by marketers, from data integration to customer centricity.

Loyalty: It's not just in the cards

Practical advice for developing loyalty programs, with examples from Safeway, Koreger and Dunkin' Brands.

Latest case studies

Kenco: Coffee vs Gangs

This case study explains how Kenco, the coffee brand, boosted its ethical credentials to increase sales in the UK and Ireland.

AIB: Back from the Brink of Brand Extinction

This case study describes how AIB, Ireland's largest bank, recovered from the brink of brand extinction through a course of strategic marketing and groundbreaking communications solutions.

Tesco Mobile Ireland: From little voice to big voice

This case study describes how Tesco Mobile's new strategy in Ireland helped to reposition the brand for optimum growth despite increasing competition and very constrained budgets.

Kraft Mac and Cheese: The World's Largest Blind Taste Test

This case study shows how Kraft Foods, an American food producer, announced the biggest change in its popular Blue Box Kraft Mac & Cheese by not saying a word about it.

Latest articles

How to meet the connected consumer's need for a seamless mobile commerce experience

This strategy briefing explores how merchants can best create a seamless mobile commerce experience.

How Ziosk built a digital-meets-dining brand

This event report addresses how Ziosk, a brand providing table-top tablets in restaurants across the US, has successfully added various digital elements to the dining experience.

Clearing the Path to Action in Superannuation: How insights from a multi-pronged research program provided a clear roadmap to effective marketing

This paper describes a research project in Australia by Mercer, the financial services organisation, to encourage existing customers with superannuation (pension) policies across multiple providers to consolidate their funds into a single plan managed by Mercer.

Australia Post: How a 200 year old brand transformed its customer experience for the digital age

This article details how Australia Post, a 200 year old brand, transformed its customer experience to embrace digital solutions and build a more customer-centric organisation following a poor financial result in 2014.

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