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Key reading

South East Asian

Breakthrough innovation regional report: South East Asia

This article summarises research from Nielsen on innovation successes in the region. Lessons learnt from the project include that organisations can perform much better when they are focused more on consumer needs rather than on driving production scale.

Most innovative brands in Singapore

Top innovations in Singapore, according to age group variations and perceptions of local brands.
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The emergence of "I" in Indonesia

Understanding Indonesia's slow move from a collective and conformist to a more individualist society.

Hijabin Indonesian women & beauty

Exploring the untapped branding opportunity for cosmetics brands in South East Asia.

The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy

Asia's leading competition recognising great strategic thinking in marketing.

Latest case studies

MasterCard: Mother’s Day powered by the digital and e-commerce engine

This case study describes how MasterCard, the second-largest credit card brand in Asia-Pacific, created a campaign around Mother's Day to improve its competitive offering to customers in different countries.

McDonald's Lucky Drive

This case study describes how McDonald's, the restaurant chain, ran a campaign to improve the commutes of Manila's drivers with an activation that led to a freebie.

Meralco Advisory: Seeing a Utility Company in a Better Light

This case study describes how the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) launched an ongoing, monthly multi-media campaign of advisory messages in order to build a relationship with its customers and counter negative publicity.

McDonald's: McTollbooth

This case study describes how McDonald's directly tackled a local issue in order to build an emotional connection with Filipino consumers.

Latest articles

Four tips for working with online influencers: How Remy Cointreau won in Singapore

This event report covers how Cointreau delivered a campaign with key online influencers (KOIs) in Singapore that reached 62 million people, and provides advice for consumer brands looking to engage with online influencers.

How Singapore uses search for financial products

This piece explores the mobile and desktop search behaviours of Singaporeans when purchasing financial products.

Taking games seriously: Changing rules for a changing world

This paper looks at how games can form an important part of survey methodology and contrasts their qualitative use with UX and design structures, in a study of the Indonesian finance sector.

Social marketing campaigns, inequality and materialism: A case study of young consumers in Jakarta

This paper looks at the power of social marketing campaigns in the light of World Bank data that places 43% of the Indonesian population under the poverty line.

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