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Key reading

Indian men

Uncommon sense: Inside India's slow and steady plan for growth

This article outlines the impact of India's 2015 budget. It argues that the budget has a focus on long-term rather than short-term growth, meaning its initial impact will be limited, though some key reforms and infrastructure projects should build confidence.

Insights into market entry strategies into India

A Warc Webinar discussing how to overcome the challenges of this growing yet diverse market.

Asia Strategy Report

Trends in Asian marketing strategy, drawn from an analysis of entries to the Warc Prize for Asia Strategy.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including India, for the next two years.

The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy

Asia's leading competition recognising great strategic thinking in marketing.

Latest case studies

Ariel: Share the load

This case study details how Ariel, the detergent, created relevance in India by reframing the conversations, moving away from clothes stains, and focusing on the cultural stain of gender equality in the home.

The Akanksha Foundation: Sustained

This case study shows how the Akanksha Foundation, an Indian education charity, improved awareness and boosted teacher applications with a zero-media-budget campaign.

Whisper: Touch the pickle

This case study relates a campaign from Whisper, one of India's leading sanitary pads, that created a national conversation to take on the culture of shame in the country.

MasterCard: Social relationships – using social data insights to win hearts and wallets

This case study shows how MasterCard, a financial services company, developed a data analysis system that has reshaped the brand's view on social media, using their India's Independence Day campaign as an example of this process.

Latest articles

From Home-Maker to Change-Maker: How women are driving growth in China, India and Indonesia

This article, based on research by Ogilvy and Mather, explores how Asia's increasingly middle class women are driving consumer spending growth and provides case studies of how brands can successfully engage this rising consumer group.

Bouncing Back: How Nestle re-Launched Maggi, KitKat and Nescafe in India

This article outlines how Nestlé India approached relaunching the Maggi brand following a food safety crisis, as well its approach to building brand equity for relaunched KitKat & Nescafé products.

How brands are harnessing urbanization in developing markets

This article investigates the opportunities and challenges presented to brands by urbanization in emerging markets, and provides case studies of successful campaigns in fast-developing urban areas.

Point of view: Marriage to mistress

This brief article looks at the reasons why more advertising in India is being done by smaller, independent agencies rather than the large established ones.

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