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Key reading

Indian men

Uncommon sense: Inside India's slow and steady plan for growth

This article outlines the impact of India's 2015 budget. It argues that the budget has a focus on long-term rather than short-term growth, meaning its initial impact will be limited, though some key reforms and infrastructure projects should build confidence.

Insights into market entry strategies into India

A Warc Webinar discussing how to overcome the challenges of this growing yet diverse market.

Asia Strategy Report

Trends in Asian marketing strategy, drawn from an analysis of entries to the Warc Prize for Asia Strategy.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including India, for the next two years.

The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy

Asia's leading competition recognising great strategic thinking in marketing.

Latest case studies

Rin: Career ready academy

This case study describes how Rin, a dominant detergent brand in some regions of India, created a mobile "career academy" to improve the career prospects of rural Indian women, and improve brand affinity.

Avoiding common pitfalls: How to connect with Indian audiences online

This article offers practical tips for brands looking to expand their digital offerings in India, and tips on overcoming the main challenges of language and connectivity in the country.

Mawbima National Newspaper: COVER RACISM

This case study shows how Mawbima, one of Sri Lanka's most important national newspapers, saw an opportunity at the Sinhala and Tamil New Year – a festival of equal significance to both majority Sinhalese and Tamils – to bring them together by creating a unique plate covering that encouraged sharing amongst the two races.

Philips India: The Big Leap

This case study describes Philips' Indian campaign to drive younger users to their Electrical male grooming franchise and establish trimmers as the first grooming tool.

Latest articles

Reinventing marketing: How India will hack growth in 2016

The article explores how brands in the Indian market must adapt their mobile strategies to provide a better customer service and hack growth in 2016.

Advertising in India: The party has just begun

This article outlines the key megatrends in India that marketers should be aware of in 2016.

Understanding India: Why Hindi matters in the digital age

This report by Think With Google investigates India's burgeoning Hindi-language digital content landscape and provides insight into how brands can capitalise on local language content as millions of Indians come online for the first time.

Asia Strategy Report: Insights from the Warc Prize for Asian Strategy 2015

This report examines the trends in marketing strategy in Asia, with lessons for marketers drawn from an analysis of the entries to the Warc Prize for Asian Strategy 2015.

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