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Key reading

Latin American

From bottom-of-pyramid to emerging middle classes in Latin America

This paper examines the purchasing habits and priorities of low-income consumers in Latin America. It argues that, when building brand awareness in Latin America, brands should consider the importance of word of mouth recommendation and tailoring products to the local market.

Brazilianhood: A NewGen selfie

This paper investigates the social identities and preferences of Brazil's ascending middle class.

Coca-Cola's road to Rio 2016

How Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympics has evolved over the years to the 2016 Games in Brazil.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Brazil, for the next two years.

Latest case studies

Antarctica Beer And The World's Best Social Network

This case study explains how Antarctica, a beer brand, rebuilt its connection with people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by encouraging people to put down their phones and enjoy carnival.

AXE: Find Your Magic

This case study describes how deodorant brand AXE used WhatsApp to communicate with young Millennial men in Ecuador.

Ralph Lauren: Mobile to store cross-continental campaign

This case study describes how the Ralph Lauren perfume brand Polo Red targeted Brazilian tourists travelling to and from the US with hyper-personalised messages and creative to achieve standout in the crowded airport terminal environment.

Nike: The Almighty Terrao

This case study describes how the use of the right strategic idea helped Corinthians, probably the best-loved football team in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sell more team jerseys than ever before in Brazil.

Latest articles

How local/global is your brand? A technique to assess brand categorisation

This paper contends that the logical way to classify brands is to use a methodology based on consumer perceptions rather than academic/practitioner criteria, and that this may enable managers to more accurately define brand marketing strategies for current brands or relaunch efforts.

Nissan's Olympic sponsorship drives long-term affinity, short-term sales in Brazil

This article details Nissan's sponsorship program of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - a partnership which ultimately boosted a variety of key brand metrics, as well as driving sales.

Getting Closer to In The Moment Insights Generation: Combining behavioural data and survey data collection

This paper studies research methods that combine behavioural data and survey data collection, in order to provide a better understanding of product markets.

The Joy of Research: Recovering engagement through F2F methodologies and a Unilever food truck

This paper discusses why enjoyment is key to engagement and asks how research can be made more enjoyable for participants without compromising on quality of output.

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