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Key reading

Latin American

From bottom-of-pyramid to emerging middle classes in Latin America

This paper examines the purchasing habits and priorities of low-income consumers in Latin America. It argues that, when building brand awareness in Latin America, brands should consider the importance of word of mouth recommendation and tailoring products to the local market.

Brazilianhood: A NewGen selfie

This paper investigates the social identities and preferences of Brazil's ascending middle class.

Coca-Cola's road to Rio 2016

How Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympics has evolved over the years to the 2016 Games in Brazil.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Brazil, for the next two years.

Latest case studies

Everlast Peru: Catcalling your mom

This case study details a campaign by the sportswear manufacturer Everlast in Peru to increase penetration, and aligning the brand with the struggle for women's equality.

Group Monge: "Mom comes first": A meaningful campaign to praise mothers

This case study describes how Grupo Monge, a leading, family-owned retailer of consumer electronics, household appliances and furniture in Central America, started a social movement in Costa Rica - while increasing its brand awareness ahead of Mother's Day.

Sport Club Recife: Security moms

This case study explains how Sport Club do Recife, a football club in northeastern Brazil, reduced fan on fan violence by introducing 'security moms' into the stadiums.

Quatro Patinhas NGO and Purina: Priceless pets

This case study details a campaign from the Brazilian NGO Quatro Patinhas in partnership with pet food brand Purina, to encourage the public to adopt rather than buy new, through an emotional video and location campaign to show prospective owners participating shops.

Latest articles

Velocity 12 Markets: Reshaping the world view of middle-class growth

This research by Ogilvy and Mather investigates the opportunities and challenges for brands in 12 developing markets.

Engagement on a tightrope: how Venezuela's second largest TV channel succeeded in the crisis

This paper presents findings that show how innovative audience measurement techniques helped Venezuela's second largest TV channel, Televen, to successfully navigate a tense political situation, while maintaining audience engagement.

New consumerism: branding and the Latin American middle class

This paper describes the execution and results of a digital qualitative study focused on better understanding the emerging middle class in Latin America.

Mobile technology: motivations and point of purchase

This article addresses the question of how mobile technology retailers in Latam can offer a unique experience, tailored to people's needs and motivations, at the point of sale.

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