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Key reading

How to turn shoppers into buyers: A lesson from Italy

This article argues that, as ad media channels fragment, retail point-of-sale is arguably the universal meeting point in which the crucial act of relating with the brand, switching from interest into involvement and, ultimately, buying takes place. It uses a case study example from Carrefour in Italy.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Italy, for the next two years.

EACA Euro Effies

The gold standard in marketing communications effectiveness across multiple European markets.

Latest case studies

Burger King Italy: King of Umarells

This case study describes how Burger King, the QSR giant, opened 300 new stores in Italy, marketing the event using a particularly Italian phenomenon: the Umarells, old men who like to watch construction sites all day.

Davide Campari Milano Spa: Bràulio MADEinCIMA

This case study describes how the Italian spirit brand, Amaro Braulio drove awareness for its unique and historic product with the #MadeInCima hashtag, a nod to its alpine heritage.

Ferrero: Eclissi di Bueno Dark

This case study describes how Ferrero Italia, a confectionery manufacturer, sold its new dark chocolate bar, the Kinder Bueno Dark in Italy.

Mercedes-Benz Italia: smartFORstore - TheExperience Commerce

This case study describes how smart, the Mercedes-owned car marque, launched a virtual showroom in Italy capable of overcoming the distance between consumer and product inherent in e-commerce.

Latest articles

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH: Transforming the terminal cancer patient

This article describes how Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), the pharma company, wanted greater understanding of patients' sentiments when faced with life-threatening disease in the USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan.

Consumer sentiment after the global financial crisis

The present study seeks to analyse the predictive capacity of the Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) (a leading index in international market research) in Italy, before and after the global financial crisis.

Adstats: International Ad Forecast

This brief article rounds up the international forecasts for 2016.

Adstats: This Year, Next Year

This brief article rounds up some statistics on forecasts and predictions for 2016.

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