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Key reading

watching mobile

The reach and ROI of mobile and TV

German research from GfK, developing a cross-media measurement tool to compare the impact of TV and Facebook ads on sales. It suggests that cross-media channel planning is becoming the industry norm but media planners need better information to understand how to best optimize the mix between online and offline.

Understanding the digital consumer in Germany

Research on the differences between digital consumer behaviours in Germany, France and Great Britain.

Build brands with meaning

How Munich Airport developed and launched a new brand idea to reflect the joy of travel.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Germany, for the next two years.

EACA Euro Effies

The gold standard in marketing communications effectiveness across multiple European markets.

Latest case studies

Airbnb: Never A Stranger

This case study describes how accommodations provider, Airbnb, leveraged digital and video to turn people's fear of strangers into a selling point for a global brand awareness campaign.

GORE-TEX: Brand Investment Case

This case study shows how Gore-Tex, a textile ingredient brand, increased brand awareness in Germany by developing a brand-owned content platform.

Opel: The 'red button' to your Opel dealer

This case study describes how German car manufacturer Opel, used red button technology for the first time to launch its Corsa model.

Allianz Retro campaign

This case study describes how Allianz Germany, the market-leading insurance company in Germany, used nostalgia and its old ads to fight back against losing customers and awareness.

Latest articles

Just Married! A love story between qualitative research and social listening

This paper examines the methodological possibilities of social media listening and traditional qualitative interviewing techniques, demonstrating how the confluence of the approaches work in the German women’s fashion industry.

Breaking The Spell Of Sisyphus: Towards a more sustainable integration of insights into innovation and brand strategy

This paper describes the development of an integrated research 'compass toolset' for KAO Salon, a salon products manufacturer, to help it build consumer insights into its brand mission in Germany.

The Walking Z: Up-close and personal with generation Z

This paper describes work carried out for AB-inBev in Germany, in support of a mixed-method approach aimed at understanding Generation Z and translating the findings into insights worth embracing - through a film outlining the diverse stories of this generation.

Clipboards, Calls and Focus Groupies: The public perception of market research and the implications for the future

This paper reports on a study of the public perceptions of market research, based on a survey with people from the UK, the USA and Germany.

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