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Key reading


The Consumerology Report: Canadian Economic Update

Bensimon Byrne research on Canadian attitudes towards the economy. Major trends in the report include major concerns over rising costs and stagnant incomes and how this is affecting consumption habits.

Doing business in Quebec requires a sensitive touch

Listing the cultural considerations for brands seeking to cut through in Francophone Canada.
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International Ad Forecast

Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Canada, for the next two years.


The CASSIES aim to recognize, reward and improve the business effectiveness of advertising in Canada.

Latest case studies

BMO: Ball-Star

This case study discusses how the Bank of Montreal used its sponsorship of NBA Canada, the basketball association, by creating a unique remote-control talking basketball - that spoke the language of the fans, and connected with the bank's target audience of young people.

Nature Adventure: How Old Spice and Twitch collaborated to make the world's first-ever live-stream, real-life, Internet-controlled video game

This case study describes how US deodorant brand Old Spice connected with its target audience by creating a live-streaming, live-action, user-controlled video game.

Destination Canada: Explore Canada

This case study describes how tourist body Destination Canada used data, consumer-driven sequencing and addressable content targeting to attract European travellers to Canada as a holiday destination.

Canadian Safe School Network: Bully Ads

This case study describes how the Canadian Safe School Network, one of many anti-bullying causes in Canada, created a campaign that leveraged an existing database of influencers, bloggers and media.

Latest articles

PC, phone or tablet? Use, preference and completion rates for web surveys

This study investigates whether it is the case that representativity is undermined if personal computer, tablet and smartphone respondents differ in socio-demographic characteristics and display different survey completion rates.

Assessing response format effects on the scaling on marketing stimuli

Multi-item rating scales are the accepted solution for achieving reliable and valid measures in the social sciences.

Adstats: International Ad Forecast

This brief article rounds up the international forecasts for 2016.

Adstats: This Year, Next Year

This brief article rounds up some statistics on forecasts and predictions for 2016.

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