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Key reading

Digital shop

What we know about shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase

This article provides advertisers with information and guidance on shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase. It includes sections on connecting with today's shopper, understanding different shopper types, in-store innovations and shopper-led communications.
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How to optimise the path to purchase

A guide to understanding and influencing the decision-making process that drives buyer behaviour.

Mapping the consumer journey

Best Practice paper on mapping the consumer journey – and guidelines for developing research in this area.

New technology in shopper marketing

The techniques like AR, beacons and facial recognition that can influence in-store purchase decisions.

Tomorrow's shopping experience

GFK research into the online shopping experience and how people expect to be shopping in the future.

Latest case studies

Emirates NBD: An Uber Ramadan

This case study shows how Emirates NBD, a financial services brand, partnered with Uber to deliver customer benefits during Ramadan and increase brand awareness and equity in UAE.

Michelin PS4 Tyres: Road Stories with Michelin

This case study describes a campaign from Michelin, the tyre brand, in Turkey that defended its market leadership with a low-budget campaign that targeted the mass market via social media and support from influencers, rather than more expensive paid-for channels.

Narellan Pools: Diving into data for Narellan Pools

This case study shows how Australian swimming pool builder, Narellan Pools, accelerated business growth by using Big Data to target customers at the precise times they were most likely to buy a pool, with creative focused on the "first dive in moment", identified as a powerful motivator in buying.

P&G Prestige: Smell My Neck

This case study describes a US campaign for Prestige, a fragrance brand, which used online video to highlight how smell is linked to memory and emotions.

Latest articles

Understanding a Man’s Online World: Quality matters - inspirational, provocative, transformational insights from men’s world

This paper describes a qualitative research project for Unilever, the consumer goods manufacturer, which wanted to understand better how Turkish men shopped online for personal care products.

Newsworks: How people buy

This study for Newsworks, the UK body representing newbrands, explores consumer purchase decision journeys across the multitude of devices and sources that modern buyers consult, in order to shed light on where newsbrands can slot into the media mix in order to influence decisions.

The changing face of luxury: what affluent consumers want

This event report details how GfK, a market research firm, has been examining why the luxury goods industry is forecast to remain in stagnation in high-growth and mature markets.

How Aldi marketed its way to the winning discount position

This article looks at how retailer Aldi positioned itself as the 'best-value' supermarket in the UK after the financial crash of 2008 significantly changed consumer behaviours.

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