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Key reading

Digital shop

What we know about shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase

This article provides advertisers with information and guidance on shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase. It includes sections on connecting with today's shopper, understanding different shopper types, in-store innovations and shopper-led communications.
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How digital has transformed purchasing decisions

Why marketers need path-to-purchase insights if they are to assemble an effective marketing plan.

Mapping the consumer journey

Best Practice paper on mapping the consumer journey – and guidelines for developing research in this area.

Connect with the mobile shopsumer

How mobile devices have changed the ways in which consumers research, purchase and discuss products.

Tomorrow's shopping experience

GFK research into the online shopping experience and how people expect to be shopping in the future.

Latest articles

Retail's next top-model: New perspectives on consumer decision processes in a rapidly changing world

This paper explains how the complexity of the typical purchase journey is contradicting the current methodology of shopping research and introduces a new model to fix this issue.

Thirsty work: Collaborating towards metacognition in the cold beverage path to purchase

This paper examines a research project focused on building a body of research that shows what impact the in-store experience in eateries has on beverage choice in order to empower companies to drive sales more effectively.

Like, Share and Retweet: How to make your insight go viral

This paper offers tips on how to pick key insights out of the mass of data-driven possibilities available, and effectively sell these insights within and outside the business.

Would you snap up the deal? A study of consumer behaviour under flash sales

Flash sales refer to an emerging e-commerce practice in which a firm offers one or more products/service at a substantial discount within limited time.

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