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Key reading


Neuroscience in practice: The definitive guide for marketers

This paper examines the field of neuromarketing in detail. It looks at the methods currently in day-to-day use for measuring non-articulated consumer response. These range from highly technical applications such as fMRI to those that measure reactions in other parts of the body.

Applied neuroscience: From novelty to must-use

Findings and recommendations from the Advertising Research Foundation's Neuro 2 study.

The reliability of neuro measures of advertising effectiveness

Why buyers in search of neuromarketing solutions often face a series of daunting decisions.

The application of neuroscience in marketing

Advances in neuroscience marketing research, how brands are using them and what challenges remain.

Neuro, implicit testing and decision science

New developments in market research techniques, and how brands are taking these techniques on board.
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Latest case studies

Coffee vs gangs: How a strong brand purpose changed lives in Honduras and changed fortunes for Kenco

This case study shows how Kenco, a coffee brand, designed a brand purpose campaign that delivered social good and increased commercial sales in the UK.

The gift that keeps on giving: John Lewis Christmas advertising, 2012 - 2015

This case study shows how John Lewis, a UK retailer, successfully launched four Christmas campaigns that consolidated its advertising's status as an iconic Christmas event.

Melbourne International Film Festival: The emotional trailer

This case study describes how the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) in Australia created an "emotion trailer" to increase audience engagement and ticket sales.

Dove: Silky Smooth ASMR

This case study shows how Dove, a chocolate brand, revived interest in its product using a psychological technique to recreate the product's pleasurable sensation.

Latest articles

BBC Global News: The Science of Engagement

This case study explains how BBC Global News, an advertiser-funded news organisation that operates in all countries except the UK, used emotion-testing technology to measure the effectiveness of its content-led marketing.

Advertising across Platforms: Conditions for Multimedia Campaigns - A Method for Determining Optimal Media Investment and Creative Strategies across Platforms

Scholarship on advertising has traditionally focused on the effects of advertising on sales and proving that advertising is effective; less attention has been paid to looking at how the effects of advertising come about, especially when it comes to the most cost effective way of driving growth and sales.

Understanding a Man’s Online World: Quality matters - inspirational, provocative, transformational insights from men’s world

This paper describes a qualitative research project for Unilever, the consumer goods manufacturer, which wanted to understand better how Turkish men shopped online for personal care products.

Building brands through differentiated salience

This article challenges commonly held views in order to provide a more nuanced perspective on the concepts of brand differentiation and salience.

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