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Key reading

The sharing economy

The new consumer and the sharing economy

This report from Havas Worldwide discusses changing attitudes towards consumption globally, the rise of the 'sharing economy' and the opportunities this presents for brands. It argues that brands can serve as guarantors and protectors in the sharing economy, and a number of them are already active in this area.

Global green behaviour and its market impact

Why people's attitudes towards the environment are changing – and how these changes impact on brands.

The way we live now: Exploring cruise control

How brands can capitalise on consumers' growing desire for control in all aspects of their life.
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Healthy eating trends around the world

Nielsen research on body image perceptions and healthy eating trends around the world.

Latest case studies

Millers: Millers and Me

This case study describes how Millers, a fashion retailer, drove awareness and engagement to increase sales in the Australian market.

Art Gallery of NSW: The Greats

This case study describes how the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney's premier art gallery, promoted its 'Greats' exhibition by targeting 'Culture Casuals' and the group's engagement with the artisan movement in Australia.

Kellogg's Australia: Unstoppable

This case study describes how Nutri-Grain, an iconic brand in Australia, was losing sales, becoming irrelevant; new thinking on teens revealed the need to 'fuel an unstoppable life'.

Officeworks: Getting Schooled By School Kids

This case study details how Officeworks, an office supplies company, increased sales during the back to school period in the Australian market.

Latest articles

Students: Analyzing the digital behaviours and attitudes of students

This report explores the online behaviour of students through a survey of 5,198 students - defined as those who responded that their current working status was 'in education'.

Polarisation, post-truth and AI: How Latin American brands are adapting to global trends in 2017

This article explores the challenges and opportunities that Latin American brands are facing as they adapt to social, political and technological changes in the region.

Infographic: Students' online behaviour

This article summarises some of the key findings into the online behaviour of students, presented in infographic format.

Foster Grant insights identify new audience connection

This event report outlines how Foster Grant, the eyewear brand, has built deeper bonds with consumers by tapping into more emotional connection points.

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