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Key reading

Behavioural economics

End of the beginning: Behavioural economics enters a new era of application

This article demonstrates how behavioural economics is being employed to improve public and business policies. It shows how governments are using robust experiments, seeing success in areas including energy savings, pensions enrolment and encouraging job seekers back to work.
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BE Primer

An exclusive series explaining common concepts in behavioural economics.

Subliminal influence

The difference between rational and impulsive decisions – and why most decision making is impulsive.

Herd-like copying is how brands spread

Mark Earls and Alex Bentley discuss why humans are social animals, who learn by copying others.

The power of instant meaning for brand decisions

Why brands with an 'instant meaning' – from experience, imagery or associations – will be more successful.

Latest case studies

safefood: Reaching the unreachable. Convincing the inconvincible. Persuading all sexually active women, not just those planning a family, to take folic acid daily.

This case study describes how safefood, a public food safety and healthy eating body in Ireland, changed the conversation around the use of folic acid with a digital, educational campaign.

Sportsbet: The Idea that cost Sportsbet Millions

This case study describes how Sportsbet, the Australian online betting shop, took the lead on responsible gambling.

NSW Rural Fire Services: From Apathy to Action

This case study looks at Australia's NSW Fire Service, who brought citizens out of apathy and into action by targeting houses at high risk of bushfire and repositioning action as the inescapable right choice.

Beyondblue: It's not you, it's your brain: encouraging young people to seek support for mental illness

This case study describes a campaign from beyondblue, an Australian non-profit working in mental illness, that leveraged its proprietary insight to 'blame the brain' to help young people understand that their illness is not who they truly are.

Latest articles

Time is On Our Side: A study of spare time and how we spend it

This paper details the findings of a UK study into how spare time is used, providing three key findings about leisure, undertaken by British Channel 4 to inform its All4 VOD service.

The importance of feeling important

This article argues that boosting a customer's self-esteem is a fundamentally important part of design, UX, human psychology, and marketing.

Getting Closer to In The Moment Insights Generation: Combining behavioural data and survey data collection

This paper studies research methods that combine behavioural data and survey data collection, in order to provide a better understanding of product markets. 

  • In the last years, with the rapid technological developments, the possibility of using passive data (i.e data that is already there, without having to ask people for anything except their consent to share this information with the researchers) has generated more and more interest.

Behavioural Economics Gets Real for IHG: Probably the largest implicit market study in history, for one of the world’s best known hotel brands

This paper reports on a global survey research project for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) - utilising an implicit approach and behavioural economics - that helped IHG's Holiday Inn brands identify key areas for investment to enhance the customer experience.

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