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Key reading


A revolution in ad testing

This article looks at how pre-testing techniques are evolving. It argues that, while communications should change a business outcome, such as increasing market share, strategies need to be measured on both buyers' rational and emotional drivers in the testing phase. This means pre-testing should be complemented by other techniques.
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How to finesse your campaign with copy testing

The pros and cons of using copy testing to optimise a campaign – plus some best practice guidelines.

Predicting sales from ad testing

This paper examines the relationship between TV ad pre-testing and sales at McDonald's in the US.

How emotional tugs trump rational pushes

Illustrating the flaws in conventional pre-testing measures of persuasion, cut-through, and message receipt.

The trouble with pre-testing

A sceptical take on the industry, arguing that both explicit and implicit memory needs to be measured.

Latest articles

Developing the Boots Christmas TV ad using facial coding

This article discusses how the development of the Christmas advert for Boots, the high street retailer and chemist, used facial coding techniques to identify emotional reactions to verbal narratives.

How marketers can achieve true advertising effectiveness

This article outlines the steps required to create truly effective advertising, such as including a reason to purchase, brand recognition, pretesting and amending - and, not least, thinking of the long-term strategy.

Marketing to the senses: Activate multiple senses using audio

This article outlines research into radio and multisensory responses, which found that audio can trigger imagination and rich multisensory experiences.

Marketing to the senses: Opportunities in multisensory marketing

This article explores multisensory marketing, which can improve memory encoding and trigger desirable brand associations by appealing to different senses.

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