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Key reading


Global planning: Winning in the post-geographic age

Martin Weigel, of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, discusses planning across markets. The majority of the agency's work is actually done in markets not in the Netherlands. He advocates avoiding snobbery, focussing on the universal, travelling extensively and investing in relationships.
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Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange: Big and little planning

A campaign showing there is no such thing as a global marketplace, and that most brands are not global.

Global goes local: Brands without borders

Why brands should have a few core global constants and then allow for flexibility according to local markets.

The death of the global campaign

Peter Field argues that local insights and cultural specificity will be crucial to the future of global marketing.

Planning to go global

This classic paper from Rita Clifton sets out a methodology for planning international campaigns.

Latest case studies

Apple iPhone 6: World Gallery

This case study looks at a campaign from Apple to keep the iPhone 6 exciting by turning away from numbers and specs boasting, and leveraging the understanding of the uses and output of users' cameras.

adidas Originals: The year of the Superstar

This case study details a campaign from adidas, the German sportswear brand, to make their 45 year-old original shoe into the superstar of 2015 by putting a new angle on celebrity culture.

Coca-Cola: The Emotisongs

This case study details Coca Cola's campaign in central and southern Europe that cut famous music videos down to a 5 to 15 second essence to be used as an emoticon: Emotisongs.

Real Madrid and Fly Emirates: Fans for real

This case study tells the story of how Real Madrid, a Spanish football club, and Fly Emirates, a Dubai airline, ran a global contest to find the club's biggest fan and earn new followers.

Latest articles

Flying Fearless: How Mondelez’s new client-agency model is driving increased creativity

This article discusses how Mondelez is using a new client-agency approach - Fly Fearless - to drive greater creativity in its marketing.

How MasterCard took on Vietnam's cash culture with ‘Road to Milan’

This article explores how MasterCard overcame an entrenched cash culture and regulatory restrictions in Vietnam to boost credit card use and social media engagement.

Project Everyone: How the UN targeted a campaign at 7bn people in seven days

This article discusses a global campaign for the United Nations, which aimed to reach everyone on earth in a week with news of its Sustainable Development Goals.

A priceless strategy for growth - and why MasterCard is no longer 'the best way to pay'

This event report considers how financial services brand MasterCard is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a simple payments brand.

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