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Key reading

British Airways Club World

How to write a creative agency brief

This Best Practice paper offers a comprehensive guide to briefing creative teams. The creative agency briefing period, it argues, is the pivotal stage when an agency starts to add value. Distilling the communications strategy into a brief is an art, it adds: the brief should always be concise, clear, consistent and creative.
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Creative work sessions

Best Practice paper on how agencies can encourage clients to engage in the creative process earlier.

Mythbuster: Is it ownable?

Les Binet and Sarah Carter on creating a distinctive and consistent brand voice.

Mythbuster: Creativity is about ideas

Binet and Carter discuss why things don't have to be new to be creative.

10 top tips for copywriting

How to improve copywriting – above all, by enjoying it.

Latest articles

Framing Advertisements to Elicit Positive Emotions and Attract Foster Carers: An Investigation Into the Effects of Advertising on High-Cognitive-Elaboration Donations

Advertisements that elicit negative emotions (e.g., guilt) have been found effective in prompting socially desirable behaviors, such as making monetary donations to charity.

Improving mobile creative: Ten tips from behavioral science

This event report provides ten tips for enhancing mobile creative, based on insights from behavioral science.

AI and creativity: Why planners should embrace machine learning

This event report considers the possible impact of machines and artificial intelligence on the creative advertising industry.

Hitting the right note: How music's multi-layered effect drives brand recognition and enhances engagement with advertising

This article considers recent research into music in advertising that made use of both the explicit and implicit responses of participants to a series of radio adverts.

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