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Key reading

V/Line Guilt Trips

Why creativity ain't what it used to be

James Hurman discusses the changing nature of creativity. He argues that creativity is becoming embedded throughout organisations rather than just in communications. Campaigns mentioned in the article include 'Guilt Trips', a product innovation that boosted business at transport provider V/Line.

Treating music as an afterthought

Binet and Carter on why planners should pay more attention to music choice in TV ads.
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To celeb or not to celeb?

An analysis on whether the use of celebrity in ads is impactful and persuasive.

Must marketing be serious?

Les Binet and Sarah Carter argue that light-heartedness helps creative ideas to surface.

Convey emotion through storytelling

Five tips for better storytelling in advertising.

Latest articles

Learning From Lucas: What can crime drama, movies and theatre teach us about insight?

This paper discusses how alternative models for storytelling can be deployed to help organisations more effectively engage with and act on consumer insight; it's illustrated by a UK project undertaken for Walgreens Boots Alliance, the pharmacy group.

Trend Watch: What Brands Can Expect From China in 2017

This article details how Aviva, the UK insurance brand, left behind it's successful and effective marketing and acquisition approach, by focusing of future-proofing through being digital-first.

The River, The Mud, The Sieve, The Gold: How we help charities to connect with their contributors

This paper examines how two Dutch charities, Kinderfonds MAMAS and the Nierstichting, utilised 'Telling', a narrative tool, to help them openly and emotionally connect to people through listening, in order to raise more funds.

The Evolution of PayPal: New Money, New Purpose: How great insight inspired PayPal to a successful brand relaunch

This paper describes a research project by PayPal, the online payment company, to help develop a new brand positioning to work globally (especially in emerging economies) and allow for future product innovation.

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