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Challenger brands

Key reading


New strategies from a new generation of challenger brands

Adam Morgan discusses five valuable strategies that can be adapted from a new generation of 'challenger brands'. He uses several practical examples, including one from method, which has build "unique visibility" into its packaging as an alternative to advertising.

How to build a challenger brand

Best practice for bending the rules and creating new paths to success.

Eating the Big Fish

Adam Morgan on how small brands can topple big ones if they take a different strategy.

The power of challenger brands to surprise (and often delight)

How brands like T-Mobile, Airbnb, Warby Parker and Dove take on their category leaders.
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Latest case studies

Virgin Media: A phone that we can't name has 12 flavour settings and can walk your dog

This case study shows how Virgin Media, a mobile operator in the UK, created #phonerumour to talk about a new iPhone launch before anyone else did and amplify the Virgin name.

nbn Co: Revitalising a brand from the inside out

This case study details how the nbn, a national open-access data network, increased media presence and consumer activations in the Australian market.

PepsiCo: Sting Launch

The case study describes how PepsiCo energy drink brand Sting used TV, digital and sampling tactics to launch the brand and redefine the sector in Egypt.

EQ Bank: We Don't Build Branches

This case study describes how EQ Bank, a digital bank, successfully launched in the Canadian market.

Latest articles

TomTom and DDB: Entering a new category and taking on Goliath

This event report looks at how one brand went about entering a new category and challenging the market leader there.

Kia's brand road trip from worst to first

This event reports outlines how Kia, the automaker, has moved from humble beginnings to become a major success story in the US.

WOM and TV, two ways to build a brand: Insights from Moonpig and Naked Wines

For new business owners, building a brand can be done in a number of ways but budgetary constraints mean that word of mouth is likely to be important, at least in the initial stages.

Ministry of Sound, from London nightclub to global music brand: How the music label has ridden the waves of digital disruption

This event report provides a brief overview of the shifting business models and innovations in technology that have disrupted the music industry.

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