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Reports & Research

Cases for Creativity

The 2016 Cases for Creativity

Caution: We must not let daylight in upon the magic

Media Report

The Gunn Report for Media 2016

Putting a global spotlight on media innovation and success

Gunn - IPA Study

The IPA/Gunn Study

Does creativity improve a brand's chances of business success?


Do Awards Winning Commercials Sell?

Award winning qualities can lead to marketplace success

Top 50 club

“The Top 50 Club” Project

Learnings from the 50 most awarded advertising agencies in the world

WARC 100 Analysis

Lessons from the world's best marketing campaigns

Lessons from the WARC 100

Highlighting the shared characteristics of successful campaigns

Summary of results

Summary of results

2017's top marketing campaigns and companies, according to the WARC 100

Guest Essays

Nils Andersson

Guest Essay: Nils Andersson

The art and craft of creative in an era of machines

Media Report

Guest Essay: Mike Cooper

The creative opportunity of AI


Gunn Commentary 2016

Gunn Report 2016

Kate Stanners, Chairwoman & Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

Gunn Commentary 2015

Gunn Report 2015

Jeremy Craigen