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The Gunn Report is the global index of creative excellence in advertising, ranking the world's best creative work based on its performance in awards shows around the world.

The Gunn Report combines the winners' lists from all the most important advertising creative awards contests, everywhere in the world, and ranks them.

The Gunn Report celebrates award-winning qualities in advertising. The campaigns it showcases have the power to produce an immediate impact on sales and a longer-term impact on brand building. The Gunn Report's research articles further demonstrate the commercial power of creativity.

The Gunn Report was founded by Donald Gunn in 1999, after a career of more than 30 years at Leo Burnett where he was latterly Director of Creative Services Worldwide. WARC acquired the Gunn Report in 2016. It now offers the full Gunn Report rankings, a library of more than 3,500 creative campaigns and a series of research studies, spanning 1999 to the present.