Philip J. Kitchen

Philip J. Kitchen holds the Chair in Strategic Marketing at Hull University Business School, Hull University, United Kingdom. Prior to this he held the Martin Naughton Chair in Business Strategy, specializing in marketing, at Queen's University, Belfast, where he founded and directed the executive MBA program. At Hull, he teaches and carries Out research in market�ing management, marketing communications, corpo�rate communications, promotion management, and international communications management and has a specific aim to build an active team of marketing researchers. A graduate of the CNM (BA[Honsl) ini�tially, he received Masters degrees in Marketing from UMIST (M.Sc.) and Manchester Business School (M.B.Sc.), respectively, and his Ph.D. from Keele Uni�versity. Since 1984 he has been active in teaching and research in the communications domain. He is founding editor and now editor-in-chief of the Journal of Marketing Communications (Routledge Journals, 1995). He has authored/edited seven books and published over 90 academic papers in journals around the world.