Kevin J. Clancy

Kevin J. Clancy is chairman and CEO of Copernicus: The Marketing Investment Strategy Group, a firm that provides marketing strategy consulting and research services to Fortune 100 clients worldwide. Prior to founding Copernicus, Clancy founded and served as chairman of Yankelovich Clancy Shulman and held faculty appointments in sociology and marketing at The Wharton School and Boston University�s School of Management. He received his BA. and MA. degrees in sociology and economics from The City University of New York and his Ph.D. in research methods and statistics from New York University. Dr. Clancy has published numerous books and articles on advertising, marketing, and social science research, including the business best-sellers, The Marketing Revolution and Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business, and the pioneering Simulated Test Marketing, all written with his partner Robert Shulman. His book Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming was pub�lished by Sage Publications and Counterintuitive Mar�keting, written with his partner Peter Krieg, was published by The Free Press.