Howard Moskowitz

Howard Moskowitz is president and CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. (MJI), a firm he founded in 1981. Dr. Moskowitz is simultaneously a well-known experimental psychologist in the field of psychophysics (the study of perception and its relation to physical stimuli) and an inventor of world class market research technology. Among his important contributions to market research is his 1975 introduction of psychophysical scaling and product optimization for consumer product development. Whereas these methods are standard and well accepted today, they required a massive culture change in the 1975 business community. In the 1980s his contribution in sensory analysis were extended to health and beauty aids. Dr. Moskowitz has also developed and refined procedures that enable research to interrelate products, concepts, consumers, experts, and physical test instruments in order to accomplish product optimization and reverse engineering. Finally, his research and technology developments have led to concept and package optimization (IdeaMap�), integrated and accelerated development (DesignLab�), and the globalization and democratization of concept development for small and large companies alike, in an affordable, transaction-oriented approach (IdeaMap� Wizard). Dr. Moskowitz graduated Harvard University in 1969 with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Prior to that he graduated from Queens College (New York), Phi Beta Kappa, with degrees in mathematics and psychology. He has written/edited 11 books, published well over 180 articles, has lectured in the United States and abroad, and serves on the editorial board of major journals. He has won numerous awards, among them the Scientific Director�s Gold Medal for outstanding research at the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories. In 1992 Dr. Moskowitz founded a $2,000 prize for young scientists working in the psychophysics of taste and smell, administered through the Association of Chemoreception Scientists.