Simon Broadbent

Simon Broadbent founded his own consultancy, BrandCon Limited, in the mid 1990s for accountability, media, and marketing analyses. After various jobs in industry, the last as a marketing manager, he moved into advertising. He worked at Leo Burnett, in London and Chicago, from the early 60s to the mid �90s. In London he had been media director, then in charge of media, planning, and research, then an internal consultant. In Chicago he was director of brand economics. He designed and

helped to start the Advertising Effectiveness Awards in London in 1980. Broadbent�s clients have included advertisers, advertising and other agencies and consultancies, and research companies. His books include: The Advertisers Handbook for Budget Determination, published by Lesington Books in 1988; Accountable Advertising, published by Admap in 1997; and When to Advertise, also published by Admap, in 1999.
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