Jason Nomikos

Don Sexton
Columbia University.

Jason is well-positioned to comment on global brands and the keys to their development. He is a citizen of both Greece and Germany, speaks four languages, and has studied international business and marketing on both sides of the Atlantic, at Colombia business School and at London business School. At Colombia, he was one of the top MBA students in both Advertising Management and International Marketing this past spring. In addition, he has had substantial business experience, most recently as an Account Director with Bridgehouse & Company in London, where he was responsible for the launch campaigns of several multinational campaigns of several multinational clients, including Reebok Fitness equipment and Spencer Milne.

In his essay, Jason focuses on the powerful role brands can play in creating long term advantages and the need to develop branding strategies that include all of an organization's stakeholders. In these intensely competitive times, it should be clear that managers should thoroughly understand both points if their organizations are to succeed.

Jason attended Columbia through the Chazen Institute Exchange Program. The Chazen Institute is one of many ways Columbia Business School continues to expand its international presence and build its brand globally. for example, this coming year we begin a joint Executive MBA program with the London Business School. The result of all these efforts is a roots-level globalization of MBA education - we hope not only in the classroom but on a person-to-person level as well.