Eleanor Cameron

Would-be advertising majors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are admitted to the school of Journalism and Mass Communication from the general college as rising juniors only if they meet a high grade-point average requirement and pass a tough spelling and grammar exam. Neither hurdle proved much of a challenge for Eleanor Cameron, who seems to go out of her way to seek out challenges. While continuing to hold a high GPA, she�s an officer of both the AAF college ad club chapter and her sorority, and an account executive at the college daily newspaper. (She also speaks fluent Japanese and coached soccer at the Special Olympics, just to show you the range of her interests!) This summer, she interned at the Harvard Business Review offices in New York. Ever observant and inquisitive, she was a natural when we went looking for someone write a piece on some perspective of branding. The article which follows explores a question many readers of The Advertiser must be facing: How does a valuable though venerable brand stay true to its heritage, while evolving to stay relevant in a changing marketplace?