Today's Headlines, 26 Mar 2020
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Williams-Sonoma’s in-house ad strengths key to COVID-19 response
Williams-Sonoma, a retailer that plays in categories likes home furnishings and kitchenware, believes that prior efforts to strengthen its in-house advertising capabilities are helping it to react at speed to COVID-19. More…
Opinion WARC from Home
WARC from Home: Distinctive brand assets – what they are and why they matter
WARC from Home is a new series to help subscribers to brush up on the essentials of marketing during the COVID-19 lockdown. More…
Olympic Games postponed: what happens now?
Broadcasters and sponsors have publicly backed the decision to postpone the Olympic Games to next year because of the COVID-19 outbreak – they could hardly do otherwise in the circumstances – but behind the scenes all parties will be in deep discussions about how best to handle this unprecedented situation and the huge sums of money that have been committed. More…
Brands favour organic Facebook content amid COVID-19 uncertainties
The demand for paid ads on Facebook is decreasing as brands respond to the uncertain economic situation, according to new data from Socialbakers. More…
Over 80% of consumers think brands should offer flexible payment during COVID-19 outbreak
Opinion Chris Morley
Why stockpiling is not the crazy, selfish behaviour that it seems
During the Coronavirus crisis, empty shelves have become a common sight around the world – Kantar’s Chris Morely explores whether the problem of stockpiling is all it seems or whether something else is at play. More…
B2B marketers best equipped for remote working, study finds
Being forced to work from home is less likely to concern B2B marketers than those in B2C businesses, a new study shows. More…
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