Background and context

Drain openers are not something people want to think about, making driving sales uplift challenging. Liquid-Plumr, being a category underdog, needed to create a campaign that would make them stand out among consumers who faced the stress of clogged pipes. With a small media budget, the brand showed consumers the sheer power of the product, increasing awareness and driving purchase at the shelf.

Campaign objectives

After traditional media campaigns failed to turn around declining sales, it was time for a campaign that Liquid-Plumr – and competitors – had never tried before.

Because many consumers go to YouTube first for product advice before heading to the store, Liquid-Plumr wanted to increase their search presence on YouTube – which would then increase product awareness and favorability.

Creative strategy

Liquid-Plumr saw the rise in gross-intrigue videos and wanted to play into this with unappetizing but captivating clogs (think a gross veggie casserole or a seafood “turfruckenson”). They tested and validated a new frontier, including some unexpected items, to show consumers a more authentic, down and dirty depiction of clogs while also evoking the sense the relief when the issue is resolved.