Executive Summary

Whilst 65% of growth in pet care is driven by online sales, standing out in a fragmented digital world is no easy feat - especially if you have to compete with cat videos, the most popular content category on YouTube!

Whiskas knows it well: we've been learning since launching Kitten Kollege in 2015.

Our first digital venture, Kitten Kollege is an entertaining content series created to respond to search queries around cat care. The successful YouTube initiative reached 25% of UK cat owners and was deployed across 20 countries.

But it was time for our kittens to come of age and drive some proper growth for Whiskas.

We needed to evolve Kitten Kollege from a UK pilot into a truly global platform that could drive both sales and consumer engagement.

The answer was K.I.T. - Kat Institute of Technology. A feline spin-off of Silicon Valley companies, K.I.T. is the pioneer in cat technology, behaviour and nutrition, and a broader creative conceit to offer care advice for cats of all ages.