Executive Summary

Quaker Oats, AMV BBDO and OMD worked with YouTube to reinvigorate the brand and make oats the breakfast of choice for people, wherever they were on their health journey. In an increasingly competitive landscape, people had forgotten about all the benefits of the simple oat. But YouTube helped us to understand and utilise the power of mass customisation, to target different people with messages relevant to their health and wellness needs. In adopting this narrowcast approach, we saw an uplift of 122% in brand interest, as well as an increase in product interest, purchase intent and consideration.

Case study

Quaker Oats are a brand with centuries of history and heritage, known to many and longstanding category leaders in markets around the world. 

Yet for many years their brand platform and communications have been varied and disparate. Year on year they have changed their approach. From celebrating the brand’s heritage to focusing on category benefits; using creative vehicles to being purely product focused. You would be hard pushed to know what the brand stood for anymore.