Executive Summary

Littlewoods Ireland (LW) came to us with a problem – although revenue growth was strong, their bottom line wasn’t growing at the same rate. Our marketing efforts had been heavily invested in high revenue-driving categories such as Electricals, with less attention given to high profit-driving categories such as Clothing & Footwear. Armed with LW’s business intel, we created an integrated YouTube and Search campaign to engage with potential customers along their journey and ultimately drive sales in LW's most profitable category!

This campaign demonstrates the importance of moving the KPI beyond vanity metrics like revenue towards metrics that are going to have a real tangible impact on profit growth and, ultimately, company survival.

Client objectives

Littlewoods Ireland (LWI) are Ireland’s largest online department store, stocking over 70k products from dresses to Christmas trees. Wolfgang Digital have been managing LWI’s campaigns since 2014 and have seen the company enjoy turnover growth of 50% over the last 3 years.