When planting and pulling weeds with KOL/KOC, do you have any strategic thinking behind it?

Learning from the past and knowing the future, KOL/KOC has never been a new thing in the history of marketing. Its predecessor - recommendation letters, customer testimonials, etc., have been skillfully operated by marketers decades ago. Nowadays, the most talked-about tactic of KOL/KOC marketing is "planting/pulling weeds". However, after using this tactic to generate hot sales, consumers' interest will gradually have a marginal effect, which will inevitably affect the brand's status and The way out in the future poses challenges. You must know that brand building is a process of continuous change. Therefore, in this "Brand 4.0 Era", it is undoubtedly short-sighted if you are only keen on selling products in the form of KOL/KOC. Then, looking at the current consumer behavior model, the brand needs to focus on using emotional resonance to finally promote consumers to become brand advocates. By using the right KOL/KOC, consumers can resonate, confirm, participate and share Marketing Purposes.

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