Trend overview

The starting pistol has been fired in a race to win a slice of the long-form, original video market. Contestants include Apple, Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter – and the outcome of the clash is likely to have a major impact on video content consumption habits across the globe.

Though still a hotly-contested subject, much evidence now suggests that linear broadcast television viewing is in decline, particularly as a result of a drop-off in young people watching TV. However, video viewing in its broadest sense – including 'timeshift' catch-up viewing, subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services and online video – is growing.

Furthermore, video continues to be a hugely important method by which marketers can build brands. Many studies have highlighted the long-term effectiveness of TV and video in shifting brand metrics in a positive direction – including Peter Field and Les Binet's 2016 paper, 'Marketing in the Digital Age' – and this has attracted the attention of digital media companies, which had previously focused on digital display and search advertising revenues.