The Age of Attention: How New Consumption Patterns Have Redefined Marketing in India

Sapna Chadha
Google India and South East Asia

With over 400 million people online, India has come a long way from families having to gather around the TV to catch up on that week's episode of their favorite sitcoms. Thanks to mobile and online video, millions of Indians are now merely one touch away from the content they love. As access to marketers' most valuable audiences becomes a commodity, the challenge will shift to capturing audiences' attention.

In the 90s, millions of Indians considered their TV sets to be extended members of their families, and marketers from all horizons benefited from what was called "captive audiences." Back in those days, there were only a handful of options for marketers looking to achieve significant reach through video. Millions of people tuned in to be captivated by just a few shows each night, including ACP Pradyuman and his Crime Investigation Department.