Measurement in the Influencer Industry

Over the last 4 years, influencer marketing has grown from punk upstart to serious contender, predicted to be worth $15bn by 2022. In a world where anyone can claim the title 'influencer,' the space is often maligned. Yet marketers’ spend on influencer continues to grow and anecdotal reports of very strong campaign performance abound.

As an insight person I was intrigued to understand what was driving this growth; whether it was all smoke and mirrors or was there really something to this industry. I looked at the data commonly available in influencer and was underwhelmed to find that only basic metrics were tending to be collected. Impressions and reach are obviously important but they say nothing about the impact of a campaign. Engagement metrics are restricted to views,  likes, comments and saves, which are a good start but quite broad-brush. Likes, for example, are probably indicative of a positive emotional response to content, but they say nothing about the type or intensity of the emotion evoked.