Thailand 2020: Principles for Marketing Success

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Every year marketers always look back and attempt to fast forward the future by looking at the 'hottest trends'. But for trends to be useful and form a basis for strategy, retailers and brands should be looking at a multi-year time horizon, rather than just 'what's hot' here and now.

Six global consumer-centric trends will shape the future of retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) in the years to come in Thailand and, as we shall see, some are already having an impact,whilst others will see the impact in the coming years. These are the trends we believe retailers & CPG companies simply cannot, and should not, ignore. Regardless of the time horizon, the imperative is to maintain focus on the consumer; big data may be an important technological trend, but applying a 'customer lens' to this force will demonstrate how it makes its presence felt in consumer behaviour. Our consumer trends are the result of people responding en masse to the social, political, economic, technological and environmental forces that they face.