Aspiration drives inspiration. Amidst the ongoing backdrop of European uncertainty, American tribalism and global geopolitical crises, we continue to love our brands, spend more on and trade up with luxury to recognize ourselves. What better resonance than to celebrate our individualism and validate our social standing together? No truer is this than for China, the superpower now in both global might and consumer spending, emphasizing a reminted social authority.

If the world need take further notice of the new social order, look no further than the marvel and magic of 11.11 and, within, the theatrics of Chinese rapper Kris Wu and American musician Pharrell in the gala concert, crooning at us to organize like the bees and build numbers for shíyī, shíyī.

Chinese rapper Kris Wu and Pharrell perform for Singles’ Day 2017 in Shanghai. Source: OneHallYu