This article summarises Sue Mizera and James Risch (2018) “Debunking the ten most common myths SMEs have about branding: Why SMEs need real branding to succeed”, Journal of Brand Strategy, Volume 6, Number 4, pp. 362-379,

When small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fail, their demise is often attributed to causes such as a lack of proper management or poor processes for leadership, financing and planning. Those are valid, observations but they overlook a more common mistake: a failure to connect with and deliver their brand.

Writing in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Sue Mizera and James Risch, co-founders of the strategic brand consultancy, TorchFish, in Cologny, Switzerland, argue that SMEs often fail because they undervalue branding. In their paper, the authors identify and debunk the 10 most common myths that SMEs have about branding and that explain why SMEs do not value branding; provide a branding framework to show how branding is much more robust than anyone knew; and finish with three recent cases to demonstrate the transformative changes that branding can deliver.