American Express: American Express purchase insurance

Ivar Krustok

Campaign details

Brand: American Express
Brand owner: Swedbank
Agency: Nexd OÜ
Country: Estonia
Industry: Banks, credit cards, loans
Channels used: Mobile & apps
Media budget: Up to $500k

Executive Summary

The main goal of the campaign was to make people understand why American Express credit card is great for purchasing items, because when something breaks you needn't worry.

We mixed the Estonian proverb 'broken glass brings luck' and the idea that if something happens to the things you have bought with American Express card you have purchase insurance on the item. We used AdCanvas – a new mobile ad platform – to create an interstitial advertisement, which called people to break the glass of the screen. When the user clicked three times on their smartphone screen the glass would shatter a little each time until the message was revealed. Since the platform offers photo realistic images it made the user feel as if their smartphone had actually cracked, but with the American Express card they would be in luck if it actually happened.