White Milk: Music makes more milk

Svetlana Connolly

Campaign details

Brand owner: BC Dairy Association
Agency: DDB Canada; OMD Canada
Brand: White Milk
Country: Canada

Executive summary

The BC Dairy Association has been working with DDB for 10 years, making fluid, white milk relevant to BC teens in an attempt to delay a 60-year consumption decline that starts and steepens at this life stage. The brief to DDB for 2012 marketing activity departed from previous years in two ways:

  • Add BC adults aged 30–49 with young kids to the target demographic, and maintain teens.
  • Introduce a connection to milk and the dairy-farming way of life in a fun and interactive way.

DDB started with an observation around public desire for increased knowledge on where their food comes from and also noted some independent research that indicated cows produce more milk when relaxed by music. Their strategy was born on building onto those facts and adding interactivity and shareability. They also wanted to uniquely connect the interesting research finding.