Puerto Rico and Rehabilitation Department: Follow2Unfollow

Alejandro Rosado

Campaign details

Brand owner: Puerto Rico Government
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group
Brand: Puerto Rico Correctional and Rehabilitation Department
Country: Puerto Rico

Executive summary

This case study shows the response of the government of Puerto Rico after previous advertising campaigns attempting to discourage criminal behaviour had failed. At least three murders took place on the streets of Puerto Rico every day, and 52% of those were related directly to drug trafficking. They decided they would have to try a more personal and relevant approach to get through to the youth they were losing, and concluded that if the voices of reason weren't getting through, perhaps the voices of experience would. The idea created was one that had never been done anywhere before. They decided to enable a real-time dialogue between convicted criminals and free citizens, called 'Follow2unfollow'. With a traditional media investment of zero, over $1.1m in earned media was achieved, with an unprecedented reach of over 90%, and 44% awareness.