Lifebuoy: Help A Child Reach 5

Varsha Chawda, John Gamvros and Christopher Bell

Campaign details

Brand owner: Unilever
Agency: Lowe Lintas and Partners, Phd and Sapient Nitro
Brand: Lifebuoy

Executive summary

In this case study, Lifebuoy's mission was to make a genuine impact on child death rates from diarrhoea and pneumonia by changing the handwashing habits of one billion people by 2015. The resulting global campaign, 'Help A Child Reach 5', empowered millions of people worldwide to help every child reach the age of 5 by 'pledging' their support.

These preventable diseases were the second-highest cause of death amongst children under five globally, killing over 2.1 million children every year; more than malaria, AIDS and measles combined1.

The problem was that people were unaware of these child deaths, nor did they realise the life-saving role that soap could play in disease prevention.