Compeed: Buzzing Compeer Out!

Luisa Rodrigues

Campaign details

Brand owner: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agency
Brand: Compeed
Country: Portugal

Executive summary

This case study shows how Compeed blister plasters developed a word-of-mouth campaign within the Portuguese market through a unique strategy, generated worthy content, and delivered a truly worthwhile experience by presenting itself as an asset that helped women in creating great memories. Through this word-of-mouth campaign, Compeed reached 342,567 people and achieved a ROI of over 364%.

Compeed, a Johnson & Johnson brand, is an invisible cold sore patch that delivers up to 12 hours of continuous treatment to quickly heal and significantly reduce scabbing, as compared to anti-viral creams.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agency (WOM) was challenged to make the product more appealing and generate worthy content by developing a word-of-mouth campaign.