Cambodia National Rescue Party (C.N.R.P.): Using social media to mobilize the youth and change the political game

Lorya Noseda, Jamie Oliver Macfarlane and Pete Heskett

Campaign details

Brand owner: Cambodia's opposition leader, Sam Rainsy
Brand: Cambodia National Rescue Party (Opposition Party)
Country: Cambodia

Executive summary

This case study shows how Sam Rainsy, the long-standing opposition leader in Cambodia forced into political exile in 2009, managed to circumvent the government-controlled media of Cambodia by driving the election campaign online. As he couldn't be physically present, Sam Rainsy was brought back into the country 'virtually' when the election was fought on Facebook. This was a first for Cambodian politics, and Sam Rainsy's Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) made unprecedented gains, winning 55 seats out of 123, whilst the government lost 22 seats.