Campaign details

Brand: Saudi Telecom Company
Brand owner: Saudi Telecom Company
Lead agency: J. Walter Thompson
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industries: Telephone & internet services
Media channels: Content marketing, Games & competitions, online display, Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home, Print - general, Social media, Television
Budget: 5 - 10 million

Executive summary

In 2015, STC, Saudi's largest telecoms operator made a dramatic change. It stopped being a telecoms operator and became an entertainment destination. With little relevant content available on traditional channels, STC created the region's first online branded content hub. Not only did this hub demonstrate STC's broadband qualities, but it also gave young Saudis entertaining branded content in the form of series with multiple episodes and seasons. The hub was an open invitation to the broadband generation to create their own content. STC demarcated itself from the category: it no longer competes with other telecoms but now competes with the entertainment media.

Market background and cultural context