Campaign details

Brand: Saudi Telecom Company
Brand owner: Saudi Telecom Company
Lead agency: J. Walter Thompson
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industries: Telephone & internet services
Media channels: Outdoor, out-of-home, Point-of-purchase, in-store, Sales promotion, Social media, Sponsorship - media, Television
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

The current economic situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has led to its people watching what they spend every day and becoming value-seekers. In this environment, consumers would, typically, be keen on reward programmes, but thanks to the large number of programmes with high redemption rates, customers have started losing trust and using them less and less.

To drive usage of its loyalty programme, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) changed the game by reducing the redemption rate to just one riyal and showed people, at a time of economic uncertainty, just how far one riyal could go – even far enough to take them on the trip of a lifetime to watch the national football team in the FIFA 2018 world Cup in Russia.

Market background and cultural context