Campaign details

Brand: Sadia
Brand owner: BRF Foods
Lead agency: Impact BBDO Dubai
Country: Middle East and North Africa
Industries: Food industry
Media channels: Online display, Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

A quarter of food is wasted during Ramadan, presenting a challenge for leading food brand, Sadia, whose main corporate value is to fight wastage.

This case study shows how Sadia managed to break through category orthodoxies at a time when most food brands play the same game to their own advantage: enticing consumers to buy more and cook more, to feel generous. Taking an opposite stance, Sadia – building on its sustainability strategy to earn brand trust – convinced people that they could cook less, waste less but feel just as generous. The brand successfully changed behaviour and maintained its number-one position despite the onslaught of classic competitor attack.

Market background and cultural context