Campaign details

Brand: Puck
Brand owner: Arla Foods
Lead agency: FP7/DXB
Contributing agencies: PHD UAE
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industries: Dairy products, fats, oils
Media channels: Content marketing, Online display, Online video, Point-of-purchase, in-store, Social media, Websites & microsites, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

To make itself more relevant and drive sales in a busy consumption period, Puck had to step outside the box in Saudi Arabia and earn the attention of urban Arab Saudi women amid the clutter of Ramadan recipes, emotional campaigns and promotions.

With our meaningful purpose of creating mealtime joy, every day, we wanted Puck to move Saudi men (and Saudi women) to ask themselves, "If Ramadan meals are enjoyed by everyone around a table, then why is their preparation only a woman's responsibility?" So we created Cook with Her – challenging a deep-rooted and untapped cultural inequality during Ramadan by positively provoking Saudi men to help women cook Ramadan meals.